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18th Fairway Tree Moving Project

As all of you know Hurricane Matthew took its toll on St. Simons Island and our beautiful Frederica community and golf course last October.

We are so thankful we did not have extensive damage to the club structures; although we lost over 200 trees on and around the golf course and community that we will miss dearly. The most recognizable tree loss, of course, was to the live oak along the lake edge of #18 fairway.

Immediately following the storm, with the support of Marti and Wayne Huizenga, and under the direction of Alex Muxo, our team gathered, researched, and compiled a "game plan" to restore the look of #18 with another "signature oak" for the future.

Our team of professionals, Golf Course Superintendent Jon Hatten, Director of Golf Hank Smith, and Arborist Rog Ditmer, embarked on a plan like no other (since the inception of the club), of a tree moving project.

We are so proud of our entire Frederica team members who contributed numerous hours to this project, as well as planting three additional trees behind #1 green and two more to the right of #10 fairway. All of this enormous endeavor could not have been accomplished without the unwavering commitment and vision of Marti and Wayne.

Although Ms. Marti was not able to see the completion of this unique project; she has left us all with such a lasting warm impression of her love for the beauty of Frederica, each and every time we look out at the majestic oak on #18 and think of how special a place Frederica was for her, and is for all of us well into the future.