Frederica Lake

Our 400+ acre freshwater lake is one of the country’s best stocked trophy bass lakes.


The lake record is 12 lbs., 8 oz. You gently release your catch back into the water – he’s got some growing to do!

Frederica’s 425 acres of interconnected lakes create the largest freshwater lake in Coastal Georgia. The lake is great for fishing but is just as appealing as a place to get away for quiet time on the water, a cocktail cruise or a family picnic.

Serious sport fishermen and novices alike will be equally pleased by the stock of Frederica’s lakes. Besides largemouth bass (eight- to ten-pounders are common), the lake also has exciting schools of bluegill, hybrid Stripers and an occasional catfish takes the bait. The lake is a natural feeding ground for indigenous waterfowl and birds.