On The Surrounding Water

As stunning as facilities are at Frederica, the surrounding river and Atlantic Ocean is a veritable playground for fishermen, boaters and adventurers.


A limited number of home sites in Frederica offer deep water access to the historic Frederica River, which connects to The Intracoastal Waterway and on to the Atlantic Ocean. Boating in the Golden Isles is perfect for cocktail cruises, fishing excursions, a trip for lunch to one of many favorite seafood restaurants or sightseeing on the river.

Getting to the Atlantic – and a haul of salt water fish like Mahi-Mahi, Red Snapper and Striped Bass – is as easy as booking a charter straight from Frederica.  Our experienced coastal Georgia boatmen know the hotspots – and are skilled at putting you on top of fish offshore, near shore or in the area’s labyrinth of marshes and creeks. Fly fishermen aren’t left out: Redfish love rising to top water flies when the fish school in January and February.

Yearn to wear the captain’s hat? You can rent your own fishing boat through several private vendors who offer virtually any other kind of watercraft you choose, from nimble kayaks, paddleboards and speedy jet skis to sail boats, for a relaxing day on the water.

Feel more adventurous? Try scuba diving the Georgia coast. Visibility increases to 75 feet a few miles off shore where dive shops will lead you on a wreck dive of the 441-foot Liberty Ship. There, you will be greeted by angelfish, barracuda and loggerhead turtles. Experienced ocean divers will be awestruck by Gray’s Reef, 17 miles off Sapelo Island – one of only 12 National Marine Sanctuaries.

St. Simons Island beach offers a chance to warm your toes in the sand and stroll amid the breaking surf.

Sightseeing, exploring, fishing, polishing your sailing skills or getting up close and personal with a deep-sea creature – the waterways around the Golden Isles await your exploration.